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Ren An Open agreement In order to realize the value movement between blockchains, it was announced that the Avalanche blockchain platform has been integrated into RenVM.with avalanche Now supported on RenVM Bridge, anyone can create and burn the following assets on Avalanche.

Native Ren assets backed by Avalanche

$renBTC | Bitcoin on Avalanche (BTC)
$renBCH | Bitcoin Cash on Avalanche (BCH)
$renDGB | DigiByte on Avalanche (DGB)
$renDOGE | Dogecoin on Avalanche (DOGE)
$ renFIL | Filecoin on Avalanche (FIL)
$ renLUNA | Avalanche on the Earth (MOON)
$renZEC | Zcash on Avalanche (ZEC)

This is a direct bridge and does not need to go through Ethereum; thus allowing direct deposits and withdrawals to Avalanche at the lowest gas cost.

Now the integration is real-time, and users can bridge assets through RenBridge or MetaMask. Initially, BTC, ZEC, BCH and DOGE are supported, others will be launched soon.

Use RenJS to build a cross-chain dApp on Avalanche

Third-party developers can now use the RenJS SDK to build cross-chain dApps on Avalanche. This will be updated with Avalanche-specific tutorials in the coming weeks to make the developer’s process as smooth as possible.For more information on getting started, please visit GitHub.

“With the addition of Avalanche x RenVM support, both protocols will benefit a lot. Avalanche will gain more utility, and RenVM will see more speed flows in the ecosystem. We are very excited about its launch, so Please spread this news and stay tuned for more information in the future.”
– Ren team

Avalanche is a Open source platform Used to initiate decentralized applications and enterprise blockchain deployments in an interoperable and highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche is a decentralized smart contract platform, designed for large-scale construction, with near-instant transaction termination. Because Solidity is available out of the box, Ethereum developers can quickly build on Avalanche.

“Interoperability is the key to promoting the growth of decentralized finance. More and more blockchains supporting smart contracts will be launched, and users will decide which platform is best for them. RenVM’s seamless, trustless bridge will make this decision It’s easier. I’m very happy to see DeFi users choose which assets to bring to Avalanche.”
– Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, Vice President of Marketing, Ava Labs

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