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Ren, an open protocol that supports the movement of value between blockchains, today announced the integration virtual machine The Solana blockchain is now online.Starting today, users can bridge Solana assets in the following ways RenqiaoInitially, BTC, ZEC, BCH and DOGE will be supported by more assets.

Ren-assets on Solana

First, the Ren team will work hard to ensure the adoption of Ren-based assets throughout the process. Solana EcosystemThis includes various AMM and lending platforms, such as Sabre, Serum, Solaris, Step Finance, Anchor, Jet Protocol, Mango, Oxygen, Phantom Wallet, etc.

Solana (mainnet SPL token contract):

  • renBCH: G1a6jxYz3m8DVyMqYnuV7s86wD4fvuXYneWSpLJkmsXj
  • renDGB: FKJvvVJ242tX7zFtzTmzqoA631LqHh4CdgcN8dcfFSju
  • renDOGE: ArUkYE2XDKzqy77PRRGjo4wREWwqk6RXTfM9NeqzPvjU
  • renLUNA: 8wv2KAykQstNAj2oW6AHANGBiFKVFhvMiyyzzjhkmGvE
  • renZEC: E99CQ2gFMmbiyK2bwiaFNWUUmwz4r8k2CVEFxwuvQ7ue

Use RenJS to develop cross-chain dApp on Solana

Third party Developer Now you can use the RenJS SDK to build a cross-chain dApp on Solana. In addition, in the next few weeks; Ren will make Solana specific tutorials to make the developer’s process go smoothly.

“Solana brings a unique set of features to the first floor space, as well as an evolving ecosystem and community. Given our relationship with Alameda, we will work with Solana for the remainder of 2021 to greatly expand both The practicality of this protocol. This is another key step in Ren’s larger vision of connecting all blockchains, and ultimately allowing liquidity to flow throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem.”
-Michael Burgess, chief operating officer


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