DeFi wallet adds support for Ethereum-based NFT »CryptoNinjas, a full-service cryptocurrency exchange and payment service platform, announced today that its DeFi wallet now supports ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT on the Ethereum network.In addition, support chain NFT is currently under development, which will make it easier for users to send and manage collectibles in their wallet application.

Now, users can easily manage and appreciate their collections in one place by visiting the dedicated “NFT” page in the DeFi wallet

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The “NFTs” page is organized into “Spotlight” and “Collection” sections. Users can select their favorite works to highlight at the top of the page and view specific NFTs grouped by favorites. Users can also click on the collection to view other detailed information, as well as share, send and focus NFT.

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To receive NFT, please scan or copy the wallet address from the “NFT” page, provide it to the sender, and wait for confirmation on the chain. The user’s NFT wallet address is the same as the Ethereum address.


To send NFT, users can click on the collection, click the “Send” button, and then enter the recipient’s wallet address. Sending an NFT means transferring ownership, so be sure to double check the address. Only one NFT can be sent at a time, so the process needs to be repeated for the ERC1155 NFT copy.

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