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Ledger Enterprise Solutions, the corporate division of blockchain security and infrastructure provider Ledger, announced that it has reached an agreement with, a Dutch cryptocurrency investment fund management company; to protect portfolio assets through its encrypted custody platform Ledger Vault.

Hodl is a cryptocurrency investment fund manager Genesis and Consensus FundOne of them, Hodl is a cryptocurrency investment company registered with AFM (Dutch Financial Regulatory Agency).

Most importantly, the Hodl team will benefit from Ledger Vault’s end-to-end security infrastructure, while fully controlling their assets, from transactions to offline storage.

“Hodl portfolio investors can now sit back and relax, their digital assets are protected by first-class solutions on the market. We welcome the Hodl investment team and its growing portfolio to enter the Ledger Enterprise Solutions network; and look forward to future cooperation, because we will Continue to implement our mission of safely institutionalizing digital assets.”
– Alexandre Lemarchand, Vice President of Global Sales, Ledger Enterprise Solutions

In 2019, Ledger received a pooled customized crime insurance plan that underwrites cryptocurrency assets Up to 150 million USD for Ledger Vault platform Led by Arch UK Lloyds of London Syndicate.All Ledger enterprise solutions customer Including Hodl benefited from the $150 million joint crime insurance customized by the Ledger Enterprise Solution platform.

“With the expansion of Hodl, we noticed that using several different cold storage devices is not ideal. Managing separate accounts and balances has become troublesome. When setting up our investment fund; we started using Ledger Nano S and X, But quickly realized that we needed more control, transparency and security. Migrating to Ledger Vault enterprise solutions was the logical next step; to provide investors with the highest form of protection.”
– Nick Friedrich, Chief Operating Officer of Hodl

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