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Bit2Me, one A cryptocurrency trading company based in Spain, Today announced that some of its funds will be stored in Prosegur Cash’s encrypted custody service Prosegur Crypto.

Prosegur Crypto’s custody solution, called Crypto Bunker, combines advanced encryption technology with physical security protocols. This is an environment based on the 360° inaccessible method, with two cooling systems, six integrated security layers and more than 100 protective measures.

As part of the partnership, Prosegur Crypto will use Bit2Me as one of its suppliers for large cryptocurrency transfers in the over-the-counter (OTC) market.

“Crypto Bunker is one of the most innovative and secure solutions in the world. The combination of physical and digital solves practical problems for many operators in the crypto ecosystem. Managers of these funds are increasingly aware of the need to have the most advanced The ability to protect their assets, and Prosegur Crypto can meet this demand without having to deal with the high investment required.”
-Raimundo Castilla, CEO of Prosegur Crypto

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