Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC adds XanPool as a new fiat gateway provider »CryptoNinjas

HitBTC, one Popular cryptocurrency trading platform, Today announced the successful integration of the new gateway partner XanPool.

XanPool is a fiat gateway solution designed for exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency platforms. It supports various local payment methods, eliminating the possibility of refunds. In addition, the software can be seamlessly integrated into any platform with just a few lines of code.

HitBTC + XanPool

By cooperating with XanPool, HitBTC will expand its services to the fast-growing Asian market and provide its users with a new and affordable solution for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Integration advantages include:

  • Support more than 10 additional fiat currencies
  • Local payment solution for buying and selling coins
  • For users who have no previous experience in digital assets, this is a simple entry point
  • Access more than 500 cryptocurrencies provided by HitBTC
  • The digital asset ecosystem is more liquid

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