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HitBTC, one Popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, Announced today that a perpetual futures contract with a leverage of up to 75 times is now online.

HitBTC users can now trade Bitcoin, ETH, TRX, BCH, ADA, DOT, SOL, EOS, AAVE, MATIC, XLM, UNI, LTC and HIT (HitBTC’s native utility token) as perpetual futures.

The new contract is priced in USDT and uses independent margin, which means that traders can add or delete assets that are collateral for a selected position, thereby effectively changing the leverage of the position.

“We forever thank you for your trust in us over the past eight years. As in the past, our commitment is to continue to provide reliable and safe services that exceed customer expectations. We are happy to welcome you to start trading perpetual contracts.”
– HitBTC team

Overview of Perpetual Contracts

Perpetual futures are different from traditional futures because they have no expiry date. This allows traders to hold positions as needed. In addition, perpetual contracts help to better manage risks and deploy a small amount of capital to hedge the market.

Like margin trading, futures trading also allows traders to choose to use capital to maximize profits with a lower initial investment. The maximum leverage that HitBTC can use for futures trading is 75 times.

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