Cryptocurrency exchange Liquid now supports multi-chain single asset deposits, Popular cryptocurrency exchange, Today announced the launch of multi-chain support deposits and withdrawals. This allows exchange users to receive and send assets to and from their Liquid accounts through a single asset backed by multiple blockchains.

When it was first released, Liquid added support for the Stellar (USDC)-based version and the USDT (TRC-20) version; in addition to the Ethereum network.

This new multi-chain support for a single asset enables users to experience lower withdrawal fees and the speed of token withdrawals across different chains; at the same time, get rid of the technical challenges of handling multiple wallets and private keys.

More supported blockchains are coming

In the near future, Liquid plans to expand its multi-chain support to other assets and blockchain networks; including USDC, USDT, GYEN, XSGD, IDRT, and blockchains suitable for Stellar, Tron, Zilliqa, Algorand, Solara, etc. Interoperability.

“Liquid is committed to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency by introducing an alternative that is technologically superior to traditional payment methods. We adopt a blockchain-agnostic approach because we want to provide our users with maximum flexibility to access Different blockchain ecosystems. As a means that has nothing to do with blockchain, Liquid users can optimize transaction time and network fees, and access the rapidly emerging ecosystems in DeFi and Dapps.”
– Seth Melamed, Chief Operating Officer,

To celebrate the new features, Liquid waived all withdrawal fees for USDC (Stellar) and USDT (TRC-20).

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