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Akash Network, one Open source and decentralized cloud, Today announced the integration with the team behind Skynet Lab Yes, A decentralized storage network. By combining the computing and storage layers, Akash and Skynet enable developers to host their applications on a fully decentralized cloud.

Now with Skynet as a key technology partner, Akash’s solution can integrate storage and computing resources. Akash will be able to use Skynet’s decentralized storage to back up and restore server instances, host large amounts of data, and distribute files across multiple points of presence, ultimately improving the user experience. Through this integration, Akash Network and Skynet can provide a full-stack solution that will handle the backup, recovery, and migration of databases running on decentralized clouds.

“The full-stack solution for the decentralized network is now a reality, with Skynet as the front-end storage and Akash as the back-end API and database host,” said Greg Osuri, CEO of Akash Network“Every step of this partnership has been supported and developed by the community, and starting from a challenge on Twitter, Akash, Skynet, and Handshake are combined into an open source package. We plan to use community-targeted funds for the long-term Support these efforts.”

The materialization of dWeb is a major shift in computing resources owned and operated by the three major centralized cloud software giants. The technology is now ready to move from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to a decentralized network of cloud providers, operating an open source software platform, and creating in an open market with more providers and lower costs Healthy market competition.

“In the past 10 years, significant progress has been made in the field of decentralized computing. By achieving similar performance at lower cost and higher reliability, what we can accomplish today puts decentralized infrastructure ahead of traditional architectures, ” Skynet CEO David Warwick“However, the real advantage is political stability-the terms of service and available APIs for centralized services change every day, but decentralization is guaranteed. Entrepreneurs in the future will be built on the basis of decentralized technology. Because it gives them more control over the future of their business.”

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