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Bluzelle, a decentralized data network, today announced Wasabi, This is a synthetic asset and AMM DEX platform supported by cross-chain revenue. Bluzelle’s comprehensive data storage and oracle solution bundle provides ecosystem partners with a one-stop solution to meet their data needs.

WasabiX + Bluzelle integration

The next generation of decentralized financial primitives will require data in order to provide users with better security and enhanced protection. Especially when a large number of activities are carried out on the AMM-based DEX platform, accurate data feed is essential.

Integrating Bluezelle into WasabiX will see the use of its decentralized data storage solutions and oracle solutions. Bluzelle’s oracle is backed by its decentralized database, which will simplify the indexing of pricing data. This is one of the main use cases that drives the increase in the utility of its native BLZ token.

WasabiX will use Bluzelle’s decentralized prediction software to perform on-chain activities, including casting, clearing, and realizing price data during the lending process; thereby enhancing the accuracy of data on its platform. Bluzelle’s price information will further expand the support for WasabiX’s synthetic tokens.

Bluzelle’s security infrastructure, tamper-resistant data solutions, and greater scalability are some of the main aspects that generate strong resilience during a Flash loan attack during malicious data threats or data corruption.

WasabiX is community managed project Provide synthetic assets and AMM-DEX platform supported by cross-chain revenue. It operates on two chains, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. As a fully governed community project, the main changes to the agreement have been supported by the following: community ticket.

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