Diginex reports that it recorded a daily trading volume of US$200 million on its cryptocurrency exchange EQUOS»CryptoNinjas

Diginex, a crypto asset services company, announced today that the 24-hour spot and derivatives trading volume of its cryptocurrency exchange EQUOS has reached a record high, exceeding $200 million on May 20, 2021. Since the company announced on May 4, 2021, that the 30-day transaction volume reached a record US$2 billion, in only three weeks, the transaction has increased by more than 40% to US$2.9 billion.

As an institution level, Regulatory-focused communication, EQUOS is committed to providing transparency for the encryption industry. Diginex’s financial reports were audited as part of its obligations as a company listed on NASDAQ in the United States. EQUOS does not allow internal market making, and has implemented strict checks and balances to identify and delete self-matching transactions and carry out wash transactions.

“As the main liquidity provider of the EQUOS exchange, we can see that the trading activities are real and the trading volume is real. EQUOS has expanded rapidly, which proves the strong financial engineering capabilities of the management team and their successful design EQO utility token. We look forward to working closely with Diginex in the long term and becoming an important partner. “
-Jakob Palmstierna, partner of digital asset market maker GSR

Diginex operates in multiple jurisdictions and is supervised by multiple regulatory agencies in globally recognized financial centers including Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

DigivaultDiginex’s global custodian is also the first independent digital asset custodian approved by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to register as a custodian wallet provider in accordance with money laundering regulations.

The senior leaders of Diginex have decades of experience in the work of regulated personnel under the supervision of global regulatory agencies. Chief Executive Officer Richard Byworth (Richard Byworth) was the managing director of Nomura Securities (2000-2018), and Chairman Yin Zhiyuan was UBS (1997-2019) Asia Pacific President and Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Wealth Management Chairman.

“Because we do not have an internal market maker on the exchange, and we have established strong procedures to ensure that all trading volumes are made up of valid transactions, this is particularly impressive. We are committed to providing fair and transparent trading experience, and we Institutional-level products and solutions will continue to drive the growth of transaction volume in the long run. Our exchange utility token EQO has greatly contributed to the growth of transaction volume and customer acquisition. During the recent period of weak cryptocurrency prices , The price of tokens traded on EQUOS has been proven to be elastic: this verifies the unique structure of EQO, which is specifically designed to promote exchange trading volume and reward customers for trading on exchanges and holding their tokens. currency.
-Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex

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