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Kaizi, one Provide cryptocurrency market data for institutional investors and businesses., announced a major update Kaiziliu, A powerful real-time data distribution service designed for enterprises, now provides streaming order-level order book and top account book data

These new features enable customers to build transaction and order book monitoring systems that can be accessed through a fully maintained software solution. Data is available for thousands of tools traded on top exchanges, all of which are standardized into a single format optimized for easy integration.

This feature update also includes the ability to replay up to five weeks of rolling historical data, enabling traders to simulate the real trading environment with scale-level accuracy.

“The ability to provide top-of-ledger, order book, and transaction-by-transaction from top crypto exchanges through a single endpoint is a pioneering feature that leads the industry in all service levels: stability, latency, and data granularity.”
-Amber Soubiran, CEO of Kaiko

As the company’s flagship product, Kaiko Stream enables customers to build real-time market data feeds for any combination of data types, tools, and exchanges through simple and intuitive commands.

In addition, this is the first data distribution service in the cryptocurrency industry that utilizes the powerful gRPC technology, which is one of the most effective messaging systems used by streaming media giants.

Users of Kaiko Stream can also benefit from plug-and-play connectivity, which can be achieved through a fully maintained software solution that is readily available, up-to-date, and comes with easy-to-implement documentation.

The full-featured version includes:

  • Scale order book: Thousands of transactions will be made on top trading platforms every time a bid or asking price is updated, added or deleted
  • Top of the book: Highest bid and lowest ask price
  • 5 week historical market replay: Ability to replay historical data at any time interval within 5 weeks of the current date

Other functional updates of Kaiko Stream include a summary summary of the best bids and best selling prices of all exchanges, complete exchange coverage, and longer historical access.

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