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Zabo, a Cryptocurrency data aggregator, Today announced a partnership with the integrated portfolio tracker Kubera to provide encrypted account tracking across more than 60 exchanges, wallets and addresses.

In addition to enabling users to track their cryptocurrency as well as their bank accounts, brokers, and stocks; this partnership brings a much-needed failure protection for crypto users: the switch of the dead.

The integration of Kubera and Zabo allows users to easily set parameters that are triggered when the worst happens. Users can program Kubera to export their portfolio tracker to close relatives or partners.

For example, if there is no login within 45 days, the user can program the export; or not reply to the SMS within the specified time. You can even customize the rules to specify specific instructions, such as where to find the private key or hardware wallet.

Zabo and Kubera are integrated, and Zabo’s cryptocurrency data aggregation API is now used to provide cryptocurrency conversion and estate planning for the deceased.

Zabo + Jiubao integration

“Our integration with Kubera not only provides intuitive all-in-one portfolio tracking; but enables failure protection to protect cryptocurrency after the user leaves. Crypto investors usually have hundreds of wallet addresses, span multiple wallets, and A crypto exchange maintains an account; being able to record the cryptocurrency they hold is the most important.”
– Alex Treece, co-founder of Zabo

The Kubera platform enables users to manage all their traditional financial accounts in one interface; in order to better understand the overall financial situation. Now, through Zabo’s extensive API network, Kubera users can access more than 400 cryptocurrencies for a series of crypto exchanges; including Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken, as well as access to wallets such as TrustWallet, Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey.

“We are very happy to further expand into the cryptocurrency field. The need to integrate more cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and addresses means that Zabo is the best choice for partners. We are also very happy to instill an effective cryptocurrency as a The center’s asset and beneficiary system fills the gaps that the market urgently needs.”
-Rohit Guess, founder and CEO of Kubera

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