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Virtue Poker Decentralized poker platform The company uses the Ethereum blockchain to provide safe, honest and fun online poker applications and today announced that it has chosen FunFair Technologies Non-custodial wallet solution For their new motivation MGA license Poker dApp.

The FunFair Wallet solution enables users to create their only wallet in the dApp itself. From here, users can easily convert fiat currency into VPP (the native token used to play Virtue Poker), or convert other cryptocurrencies into VPP.

“When we were looking for possible partners for this work, we knew we needed a solution to ensure that customers never felt like they had left the Virtue Poker environment. In addition, we needed the solution to be customizable and safe , And provide all the benefits of blockchain. FunFair does its best to provide this service. This is a starter, in addition to providing a smooth onboarding experience, but also provide any other services. We look forward to working with our new partners to enable us Of players benefit.”
– Ryan Gittleson, co-founder of Virtue Poker

In April, Virtue Poker completed a new strategic investment and raised 5 million US dollars; this cooperation with FunFair aims to help successfully launch the Virtue Poker dApp later this year.

“We are very pleased that Virtue Poker is one of the first dApp developers to complete our solution integration. I have experienced the pitfalls of dApp development; we know what is important to dApp developers and their customers. This is why we are building And experience in running your own dApp can provide reasons for supporting partners such as Virtue Poker.”
– Lloyd Purser, COO of FunFair Technologies

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