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Figment Networks, a Blockchain infrastructure and service providers, Recently announced the launch of its Figment Prime V2 Staking dashboard. Now online, the upgraded dashboard allows users to track their pledge portfolio, validator performance, keep abreast of network events and governance recommendations, and keep their income organized through exportable reward report files.

As a multi-platform platform, Figment enables the use of the right tools, reports and high-quality customer service to better manage investment portfolios. Figment Prime and Figment’s proprietary mortgage dashboards do not custody assets, thus giving users complete control over their investments.

Primary bet dashboard

This Primary bet dashboard It is an advanced solution for large individual investors, institutions, hedge funds and family offices who invest in proof-of-equity assets. The pledge dashboard allows users to:

  • Track their portfolio across multiple networks
  • Observe the validator performance
  • Keep abreast of cyber incidents and governance recommendations
  • Export reward report file
  • Manage multiple addresses on a single network

The V2 dashboard now supports Cosmos (ATOM), Oasis (ROSE) and Polkadot (DOT). Soon, support for Terra (LUNA), Kava (KAVA), Livepeer (LPT), NEAR (NEAR), Celo (CELO), etc. will be added.

More than just a dashboard

Figment Prime is more than just a dashboard. Prime service uniquely caters to the needs of large individual investors, institutions, hedge funds and family offices, who hope to gain more practical experience from a high-quality team. Figment Prime completely includes:

  • Stake out dashboard
  • Industry-leading SLA
  • Cut insurance (on a specific network)
  • Network update and governance consulting
  • Exclusive research/diligence report, including reward/cut model
  • Monthly analyst phone and email/telegram updates
  • 24/7 support
  • Managed solutions through institutional partners

In short, Figment Prime allows you to get all the benefits of online participation without worrying about doing it alone. Our Staking Dashboard and full-service Figment Prime products are available to all token holders who currently mortgage or plan to use Figment to mortgage at least $250,000 of personal assets. “
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