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FortKnoxster is a network security company that provides a complete encryption suite, including private and secure messaging, calls, encrypted wallets and cloud storage, and recently announced the launch of a new and improved FortKnoxster web application. This version brings several important improvements.

Selected release notes from the FortKnoxster website:

  • Email registration replaces phone/SMS registration. The long-awaited and in-demand feature now allows new users to register for FortKnoxster without a phone number.
  • Type instructions in the chat.
  • Add the Microsoft Edge browser to the login page of supported browsers.
  • Registration UI/UX improvements (when the password field is in focus, the password helper area slides down).
  • File storage improvements. FortKnoxster has improved the errors in different browsers, and now the user experience is smoother when using file storage.
  • New welcome landing page.
  • Email delivery has been improved.
  • The media previewer has been improved.
  • Copy referral invitation link option is now easier to invite friends from any other platform to join FortKnoxster.
  • General bug fixes.
  • Implemented stronger security.
Improved file storage on the web application.

Upcoming features and updates include:

  • New designs, look and feel will be released for iOS and Android.
  • And new features, improvements, and security updates for iOS and Android.

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