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Gelato Network, a decentralized robot network Automated execution of smart contracts On the public EVM compatible blockchain, today announced the launch of Gelato Ops, a multi-chain smart contract automation center, now available on Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Arbitrum.


  • Gelato Ops enables web3 developers to pass Easy to use interface
  • Examples of use cases that have gone live include-harvesting a revenue vault every day, paying rewards every day, replenishing contract balances, or touching Aavegotchis every 12 hours
  • Gelato will charge 0% until the end of 2021

“Gelato’s mission is to automate everything. With Gelato Ops, developers can easily automate their daily activities without permission. They start to value and look forward to it in the web3 world.”
– Gelato Network Team

For more information, see This video And read This tutorial About how to create tasks on Gelato Ops.


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