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Korean Blockchain company ICONLOOPannounced today that it has signed a strategic partnership with the ICON Foundation, and 2 bytes A blockchain-based cross-chain NFT game platform “SPERA” was established, and a trailer website showing the new platform was released.

“SPERA” is planned to be fully completed within this year. It is a cross-chain NFT game platform that connects NFTs issued on various blockchain networks and platforms to achieve interoperability.

Currently, the vast majority of NFTs issued and distributed on various existing blockchain platforms have little use other than ownership. Likewise, NFTs found in games are currently limited as they can only be used within the same game and platform.

The new platform will use cross-chain BTP (Blockchain Transfer Protocol) technology connects various NFTs from different blockchain ecosystems and makes them operational by allowing them to be used in games on the SPERA platform, and plans to support P2E (Play-to-Earn) functionality.

BTP is a trademarked technology developed by the global cross-chain ICON project that connects various blockchains, making them interoperable. The difference between BTP technology and typical centralized cross-chain technology is that its architecture is decentralized, providing high security and versatility.

In the newly announced partnership, ICONLOOP will develop and support the establishment of the platform based on its previous technical expertise in developing and launching various blockchain technologies. The ICON Foundation will leverage its BTP technology support to build an interoperable blockchain ecosystem.

Meanwhile, game services startup 2bytes will build a blockchain service and run the business side of the new platform. 2bytes currently provides localization, QA and global consulting services to over 40 game developers and recently launched its own game development studio.

For more details on SPERA, visit the trailer website world It’s live now.

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