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Immunity, one Bounty and security service platform For cryptocurrencies, it was announced today that it will support Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to enhance the security posture of projects built on BSC.

BSC projects, such as PancakeSwap, CREAM Finance, Zapper, ApeSwap, PantherSwap, PancakeBunny, DODO, etc., are already using Immunefi for vulnerability rewards.

Billions of dollars of user funds are locked in DeFi smart contracts, and anyone can see and access them. In 2020, nearly 200 million U.S. dollars was lost due to vulnerabilities, exploits, and hacking attacks.

There are many ways to ensure code security, from formal verification to security audits; but history proves that some errors will be ignored. Bounty programs ensure security by incentivizing security talents to make good use of their skills and get paid to find vulnerabilities left in the code before others.

“At Immunefi, we discover and reveal potential vulnerabilities through vulnerability bounties and comprehensive security services to eliminate as many attack vectors as possible and protect funds.”
– Mitchell Amador, founder and CEO of Immunefi

The Immunefi platform allows security researchers to be rewarded for reviewing code and disclosing vulnerabilities. Since its launch, Immunefi has paid more than $3 million in bounty. In addition, ImmuneFi enables companies to use leading security talent to protect their projects. Immunefi is the first company on the market to introduce extended vulnerability bounty standards and has established the largest community of security talents in the encryption field.

BSC: Binance Smart Chain

In less than a year, BSC has become one of the largest blockchains; smart chains include NFT, lending, games, DEX and various DeFi project.

“The growth of BSC has attracted a large number of investors and also brought malicious players. Due to the decentralized nature of BSC, anyone and everyone can build on it. As a community, the best we can do It is to spread safety awareness and introduce bounty programs to motivate excellent participants.”
– Julian Tan BSC Project Coordinator

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