In the encryption year, why many people turn to digital…

There are many great things in 2021 that have helped push cryptocurrency into the new spotlight, but will 2022 be the year when cryptocurrency finally breaks through many mainstream businesses?

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Why is it encrypted?

Many people are beginning to see cryptocurrency as a way to buy, save money, make money, and invest in the long-term. Many things will affect why this happens, but all conversations cannot refute these numbers, and the numbers will not lie. Led by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have outperformed gold for the third consecutive year. As the world shifts to electronics or inflation, does this come from a surge in digital assets? According to a report by Arcane Research, one thing we know is that the S&P 500 index soared by 28%, while gold fell by 7% during the same period. This is the third consecutive year that Bitcoin has outperformed both. This does not mean that Bitcoin will be more valuable than gold, but it does show how people start to transform from the old way of thinking to enter a new unknown territory through the Internet.

NFT boom

NFTs have begun to take over mainstream art, as collectors and investors meet in the middle to see the new craze. According to DappRadar data, non-fungible tokens, commonly referred to as NFTs, have begun to gain greater momentum-generating more than 23 billion U.S. dollars in transaction volume-compared with less than 100 million U.S. dollars recorded in 2020, crazy To stay away. As many artists and companies begin to join, this wave may continue; will this trigger a new wave of investors who only turn to digital?

We also know that in the United States, cryptocurrency is a hot topic for many people because it generates billions of dollars in revenue on the entire map. According to a new report by the software company Chainalysis, the Bitcoin gains realized by American investors in 2020 are estimated to be USD 4.1 billion. The 2021 figure may also exceed this figure.

Digital wallets and banks…

Digital wallets allow you to store and transfer encrypted funds like a bank account. Many offer plenty of rewards and aggressive interest rates, in addition to physical cards that you can use anywhere.Some 1.5 billion American adults stated that they have exchanged cash and credit cards for digital wallets at least once, and considering the growth of hot wallets like Metamask, it is not surprising to see this number continue to grow.

Not all digital wallets cited are cryptocurrencies in nature, but banks are starting to add these features to catch up. On top of all these numbers, Blockchain network A wallet that can buy Bitcoin reaches More than 70 million wallet users Late March 2021-so we know that things are growing.

Over time, we will unlock more statistics to see who will win this battle; as the world faces a pandemic, many people are turning to these wallets in an effort to increase investment to keep trading ahead. Can cryptocurrencies become the future of economics, or will they be on track as before?

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