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Kaizi, one Cryptocurrency data provider, Today announced the launch of its crypto asset pricing and valuation services. The new tool is designed to enable users to construct customizable single-asset and multi-asset price feeds for net asset value calculations, portfolio valuations, asset allocation strategies, and indices.

The new pricing and valuation services have the following characteristics:

  1. Custom exchange selection Enter a list of trusted exchanges or choose to use data from all exchanges.
  2. Fixed time frequency Receive end-of-day and intra-day price feeds at a granularity of 1 second to 1 day.
  3. Asset weight For multi-asset price feeds, assign the relative weight of each encrypted asset based on your portfolio allocation options.
  4. Aggregation method—— The service provides customizable features such as outlier management and symmetric time windows around fixed prices.
  5. Price denomination — Choose to receive data denominated in U.S. dollars, Euros, British pounds, or more than 20 legal currencies.

Once the characteristics are specified, the data output includes the comprehensive price of each fixed time; the reference price, contribution, and weight of each constituent encrypted asset used in the calculation.

“This service aims to provide asset managers, financial product issuers, auditors, index compilers, and fund managers with an intuitive toolkit to create and track their own comprehensive prices. Our flexible product features enable you to Define data sources, frequencies, time windows, outlier management, and asset weights that match any pricing and valuation use cases. Due to the inherent difficulties associated with market data in the cryptocurrency industry, we found that financial professionals urgently need reliable and customizable And auditable data sources.”
– Kaike Team

Example use case: 5 Asset Portfolio Valuation

This new data service is optimized for NAV calculations and can be used by crypto-asset funds, asset managers, and any financial professionals who need single-asset or multi-asset valuation.

The following example demonstrates how to build a custom price feed for a portfolio of 5 assets:

  1. Customize the price feed according to the allocation strategy. You can also use the asset weight “1” to construct a single asset price feed.
  2. Track performance over time. For each time interval and outlier filtering percentage, the data service returns a consolidated price based on a fixed base value of 100 fiat currency units. As the market changes over time, the subsequent comprehensive price will reflect the performance of each component asset.
  3. Fine-tune the allocation strategy. The data service also returns the contribution price of each individual asset, allowing users to track the performance of the components over time.
  4. Benchmark performance of other financial indexes.

Data delivery

All of Kaiko’s customized price feeds provide real-time and historical data, which enables users to backtest portfolio strategies or proactively use data. In addition, customers can directly specify the functions they need through Kaiko’s REST API. Kaiko can also generate historical CSV files with specified characteristics.

This new data service will be adopted soon Kaiziliu. For more information, see Kaiko’s API file, Data dictionary, with method.

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