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The KardiaChain team, A kind Public blockchain in Vietnam It provides a dual master node to facilitate inter-chain operations between existing and upcoming blockchain platforms, and today announced that it has The first KRC20 token pegged to the U.S. dollar was issued. Through the tripartite cooperation between VNDC, Nami Exchange and KardiaChain, the KRC20 USD stablecoin becomes possible.

KUSD-T will run on KardiaChain’s local KRC20 protocol and will be guaranteed by USDT on VNDC and Nami Exchange. In order to support the upcoming DeFi products on the KRC20 blockchain infrastructure and help Vietnamese users better handle these projects; VNDC Wallet, Nami Exchange and KardiaChain jointly issued KUSD-T.

Users can own KUSD-T by sending USDT (TRC20, ERC20 or BEP20) to VNDC wallet and Nami Exchange or directly purchasing through DApp, and then users can withdraw KUSD-T on KardiaChain (KRC20).

The advantage of owning KUSD-T is that you can easily trade on KRC20 with all DApps powered by KRC20. Such as KAIDEX and other upcoming DApps

Partners: VNDC and Nami

  • VNDC wallet It is one of the most common DeFi DApps in Vietnam, with more than one million users. VNDC Wallet provides users with the function of easily owning encrypted assets and provides mortgage loans with fast settlement speed.
  • Nano Exchange It is a CEX developed by Nami Corporation, focusing on financial products such as exchanges and futures. The margin products provided by Nami are as high as 125 times leverage.

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