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The KardiaChain team located in Vietnam, an interoperable and self-optimizing Blockchain ecosystem, Announced the V1 version of KAIDEX, its local decentralized exchange (DEX) KRC20 token, And Kay.

The release of KAIDEX V1 marks the completion of the fourth phase of the KAIDEX roadmap. KAIDEX V2 with cross-chain transaction function will be launched later this month.

KAIDEX is available at Web version, Browser extensions and Kardia Wallet mobile application.

“All KAI enthusiasts and future KAI enthusiasts can now enjoy a decentralized trading experience through any device. The KAIDEX integration on the KardiaChain mobile wallet is the result of our mobile-first mentality for all users. KAI holders can now Manage, pledge and trade on their mobile phones at the same time in one application.”
– KardiaChain team

In this V1 release, the available functions of KAIDEX include:

  • KRC20 tokens and native KAI pairs are fully supported.
  • Slippage tolerance is customized.
  • Liquidity pool management.

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