Kaspersky experts assess the biggest cyber threat in encryption in 2022

If you are paranoid, please do not read this Kaspersky report. Cybersecurity experts and antivirus vendors released the annual “Cyber ​​threats to financial organizations“The paper and two are about cryptocurrencies. Be prepared to be scared. The report first evaluated last year’s predictions. They had only one error, and they were not very wrong. In addition, the cyber threat in 2022 sounds very likely. Fortunately, you found this article and can prepare accordingly.

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Both cybercriminals and state-sponsored participants will target cryptocurrencies

First, Kaspersky painted a picture and gave us the least terrible threat:

“The cryptocurrency business continues to grow, and people continue to invest in this market because it is a digital asset and all transactions are conducted online. It also provides users with anonymity. These are all the attractions that cybercriminals cannot resist. Aspect.”

Then, Kaspersky let our skin crawl:

“Not only are cybercriminal groups, but also state-funded groups that have begun to target this industry.”

With the development of honeypots, criminals will be increasingly attracted to cryptocurrencies. There is so much we can handle. However, state-sponsored groups are also a logical advance. How can they not target cryptocurrencies? They will use more sophisticated methods to deal with you. E.g:

The people behind Pokémon GO recently collaborated with the Bitcoin reward card Fold App to create a clone of the Bitcoin-themed Pokémon GO that is paid in Bitcoin. We don’t know if what this Twitter user said is true, but the entire business does sound suspicious. In view of Kaspersky’s prediction, this is even more true.

However, it should be noted that NewsBTC knows nothing about Niantic Labs and Fold App. Do your own research.

BTC price chart for 11/26/2021 on Oanda | Source: BTC/USD on TradingView.com

Manufacturing counterfeit devices with backdoors

Kaspersky once again let us rethink our security methods:

“Although some people believe that investing in cryptocurrency is risky, those who do realize that their wallets are the weakest link. Although most information stealers can easily steal locally stored wallets, cloud-based wallets are also vulnerable to attacks. And there is the risk of losing funds. Then there are hardware-based cryptocurrency wallets. But the question is, are there sufficiently reliable and transparent security assessments to prove that they are safe?”

However, their predictions are more worrying:

“In the process of competing for investment opportunities in cryptocurrency, we believe that cybercriminals will use the manufacture and sale of rogue devices with backdoors, and then use social engineering activities and other methods to steal the victims’ financial assets.”

There have been horror stories about suspicious software wallets that ultimately led to the loss of funds. Yes, fake hardware wallets seem to be the next logical frontier.Just this year, after the Ledger hack, there were reports that Ledger wallet that looks weird Took over the internet. However, if a more sophisticated criminal makes a better-looking device, it could cause serious damage to the cryptocurrency community.

If Kaspersky says it will happen…

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Kaspersky finds more cyber threats

this”Cyber ​​threats to financial organizations“Contains more projects that are not entirely related to cryptocurrency, but all of you may be interested. They predict “exponential growth of information stealers” and an increase in ransomware from “small regional derivative groups.” In addition, Data leakage in open banking, mobile banking Trojans, and risk identification of remote employees who use company equipment for entertainment. Read the full text and be prepared for everything.

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