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Lamassu, creator of a series of Bitcoin ATM machines, including open source Management software, Announced its latest Bitcoin/cryptomat ATM model Tejo over the weekend. The compact design makes it suitable for almost any location. In addition, Tejo has a spacious internal structure that can accommodate additional cash boxes, and the banknote capacity of its banknote validator and dispenser can be tripled.

Electronic lock for withdrawal

Cash collection agencies such as Garda, Loomis, and Brinks often require specific auditable locks as a prerequisite for service delivery. Therefore, Tejo can choose to upgrade to the industry-leading Dormakaba Cencon electronic lock to meet the cash collection needs of operators.

The first batch of Tejos will be shipped in October this year, and those who are interested can start Booking process And take the lead in launching.

“We have been in this booming industry for some time, and used our experience to design Bitcoin ATM, which we think is the most important aspect for today’s operators. We designed Tejo to make it easier to collect cash, And designed for operators who want to run a large Bitcoin ATM network.”
– Lamasu team

Earlier this year, Lamassu added Protected Zcash transactions On its machine. In the upcoming v7.6 management software version, Lamassu machines will officially add support for Monero (XMR). Soon, operators will be able to let users buy and sell XMR and USDT.

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