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Matrixport, a crypto-asset financial services platform headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, today announced the launch of the pioneer product “BTC-U Range Sniper”, which enables participants to obtain higher returns when the price of Bitcoin (BTC) changes within the prescribed range.

“BTC-U Range Sniper” provides an annualized rate of return (APY) of 6% to 200% in USDT/USDC or BTC according to the price of BTC at the time of settlement.

If the settlement price is higher than the given range, the minimum 6% APY will be paid in USDC; if the settlement is lower than the given range, the principal will be converted to BTC, and the minimum guarantee is also 6% APY. In addition, if the settlement price falls within the settlement range, you can earn up to 200% of USDC APY.

“Stable currency is an important entry channel for legal currency, and has always been a good entry point for crypto curiosity. However, many stable currency holders now hope to increase their holdings of BTC while obtaining higher returns.’BTC-U Range Sniper’ is an encrypted investment product. We enable users to continue to earn attractive stablecoin returns or use the innate fluctuation of BTC to accumulate more BTC.”
– John Ge, Co-founder and CEO of Matrixport

From now on, that is, September 6, 2021, users can book products during the fundraising period from 18:00 to 20:00 Singapore standard time and every Monday thereafter.

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