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Today, the Metal team based on blockchain Encrypted payment service, Announced a new partnership with Railsbank to introduce its Metal Pay application to the European Union. Railsbank is a London-based banking company that provides banking services to selected financial companies around the world.

By cooperating with Railsbank, Metal has gained the ability to provide services to people throughout the European Union, while maintaining its headquarters in the United States. In addition, the cooperation with Railsbank will enable Metal to enter other markets in the future, including Australia and Asia.

“Entering Europe is an important step for Metal as a company and part of our long-term strategic vision. Our focus remains on making cryptocurrencies easier and easier to use by more people than ever before. For this reason, we Turn Metal Pay into a unique application that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency at 1% or less, exchange cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency, send cryptocurrency to other users for free, and make legal payments to friends At Metal, we operate with a compliance-first mindset. When designing a plan to launch Metal Pay in a new jurisdiction, we carefully evaluate all regulations. Our goal is to always act in an appropriate and compliant manner. Railsbank not only provides us with technical partnerships, but also provides us with regulatory partnerships.”
– Metal Team

In order to join the waiting list in preparation for the official launch of the EU, EU users can now download iPhone Metal Pay application, Or Android Metal Pay application.

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