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Nervos, a set of encryption protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem, today announced the integration of its testnet and mainnet with Covalent. Covalent Blockchain indexing solution.

Through integration, Nervos is expanding the availability of data on the network and simplifying the experience for developers to build on Polyjuice, which is a Nervos CKB, People who need access to reliable, high-quality data.

Every day, hundreds of millions of transactions occur in the entire blockchain ecosystem, providing rich in-depth, fine-grained, and historical data, which can not only help developers and teams improve their projects and applications, but also enhance the space Connectivity.

However, the data behind these transactions is not always easy to access, and in some cases it is almost impossible to extract.

In order to solve this problem, Covalent provides a unified API to make all the assets in the blockchain network completely transparent. Its data set supports 25B+ transactions, 30,000+ price feeds and 200,000+ smart contracts for query.

The available blockchain data includes:

  • Token balance of each address
  • Historical transactions for each address
  • Historical prices by address and stock code
  • Decoding log events

Using the Covalent API, developers can pull Nervos mainnet data through a unified API and easily access the network by changing the chainId parameter.

“Nervos Network and Covalent share a common vision, that is, a public and decentralized global economy. At Covalent, we achieve this goal by building an accessible Web3 data layer and indexing Nervos, which is creating a common block Significant changes have been made in chain solutions.”
– Ganesh Swami, co-founder and CEO of Covalent

In addition, Covalent will soon launch an event for developers built with Nervos.

“Our integration with Covalent has significantly enhanced the developer experience on Nervos, which is one of our main priorities for developing the ecosystem and opening up access to our multi-chain solutions. We look forward to seeing how our community members use This new tool and resource.”
——Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos

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