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ECOMI and its NFT platform VeVe are opening up a unique niche market in NFT. You never know what will happen to the old Spider-Man comics that you once liked but lost or abandoned. What if the same comic book can be purchased and saved online only to increase its value? ECOMI and VeVe are seeking to solve this problem. Today’s generation has found a new way to turn digital comics into high-value digital NFTs that can be resold two to ten times (or more) their initial value.

The OMI token has remained strong through substantial volatility. | Source: OMI-USD on

VeVe changed the landscape of comics and illustrated books

Let us quickly and deeply understand ECOMI and VeVe. VeVe is a blockchain digital art application that allows everyday cryptocurrency investors and cartoon NFT fans to buy and hold or resell comic books, characters, and even illustrated novels.

What makes VeVe unique and different from potential competitors is that it can display your artworks in 3D anywhere, such as homes, offices, outdoor spaces or rooms-and some people even save them in their personal VeVe In the vault for personal entertainment or flexible use. The spokesperson behind VeVe, OMI, has collaborated with the superhero comic giants Marvel and DC, and even reached a collaboration with Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince”, and has drastically put VeVe on the map.

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All these actions in the past few weeks will help VeVe and OMI tokens reach the top of the list and become the spokespersons of a new era of digital comic books and illustrations, all in the fast and constantly changing world of encrypted NFTs.

To understand the importance of this, you must understand the head of the beast: ECOMI. ECOMI is a technology company headquartered in Singapore dedicated to the collection space of digital NFTs. They created VeVe to add a new dimension and spin in the NFT world. Within a few days, the price trend was back: the current price of the token was $0.005, and the trading volume exceeded $18 million.

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along with The most recent September 17 announcement “Little Bear” deal As well as the recent strong price movements, it is safe to say that if you are interested in comics and NFTs with potential prospects, you should pay attention to this company, application and token.

In this new world full of potential gold, it is now difficult to ignore any company that undertakes high-account projects with a good reputation in a unique global community. With new investments in immersive NFT, augmented reality, and other metaverse components, ECOMI and VeVe have made the necessary progress in securing strong IP partners to ensure the brand faces the future.

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