NFT platform Venly raised 500,000 euros from blockchain investor Tioga Capital

Wen Li (prior to Arkane Network), an NFT management platform with wallet solutions and Peer-to-peer NFT market, Announced that it has raised 500,000 euros from the blockchain investment company Tioga Capital.

The new funding will support Venly in establishing its team of engineers and expanding its customer base.This funding was provided by Venly a few weeks later 1,550,000 euros raised In the seed round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF).

Tioga Capital was established in 2020 to provide funding for blockchain projects. Tioga joined the Flemish investment company PMV as the first Belgian shareholder; as a firm believer in Venly’s added value in blockchain technology, he provided funding in the first round.

“The key driving factor to promote this new virtual economy is NFT technology. In order to promote this new economy, the complexity of the blockchain needs to be abstracted from the user experience. This is where Venly comes in. Venly is a company focused on B2B A service provider that provides (game) developers with a set of products that enable them to easily start using blockchain technology (NFT); no blockchain knowledge is required. The Venly team, active in blockchain since 2016 Serial entrepreneur; has a good understanding of this field and has the ability to build a world-class company.”
– Patrick Van de Mosselaer, founder of Tioga Capital

The Venly NFT market built on Polygon now supports Avalanche and will soon support Binance Smart Chain and Hedera. On the Venly market, users can trade NFTs in a fully compliant environment.

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