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Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange company MiraiEx announced that it has selected Ledger Enterprise Solutions to protect its crypto asset reserves through Ledger Vault, an institutional-level custody platform for cryptocurrency companies that want to enhance their security.

Applicable to cryptocurrency users in Norway; MiraiEx has been registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) as a cryptocurrency exchange and custody solution.

The Norwegian team will benefit from Ledger Vault’s end-to-end security infrastructure, while MiraiEx investors can fully control their assets (from transactions to offline storage) without compromising speed, flexibility and governance.

In 2019, Ledger received a customized crime insurance overall plan Underwrite up to $150 million in crypto assets for its Ledger Vault platform It is led by the prestigious London Arch UK Lloyds joint organization.

All Ledger Enterprise Solutions customers, including MiraiEx, benefit from the $150 million consolidated crime insurance customized to the Ledger Enterprise Solution platform.

Relaunch March, Ledger Enterprise Solutions specializes in providing products and services to corporate and institutional customers. With Ledger Vault as its core product; Ledger Enterprise Solutions provides rapid and large-scale customized operations for companies that require proven security partners.

“We are very happy to use Ledger Vault to protect the cryptocurrency assets of our investors. We firmly believe that Ledger Enterprise Solutions is one of the most secure solutions; and the most respected infrastructure in the world. In addition, we thank Ledger for continuously listening to customers. Comments and upgrade their products based on the feedback.”
– Thuc Hoang, Founder and CEO of MiraiEx

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