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OKEx, a popular cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, has listed the utility token of DFINITY’s “Internet Computer” platform ICP. Internet computer operated by a completely open management system-a Blockchain network Under development-held once Last week’s press conference.

In addition, OKEx also announced that its recently established Blockdream Ventures fund will cooperate with the Internet Computer ecosystem to provide 10 million USD Use special funds and resources to support high-quality projects established within the network.

“Internet Computer” released

DFINITY’s Internet Computer project has a unique purpose. Use advanced computer science and encryption technology to expand the functionality of public blockchains and decentralized ecosystems.

Internet computers are the product of years of research and development work. All this is carefully planned by the R&D center of DFINITY Foundation. Zurich, Palo Alto, San Francisco, with Tokyo; Include remote teams elsewhere, such as Germany And the UK.

CEO of OKEx, Jay Chou said:
“We are very happy to support the launch of Internet computers as a first-day partner. We hope this will be the first step to allow entrepreneurs, developers, or companies to host secure software systems built on computer science; in fact, it only supports the long-term development of the Internet .”

The initial capital is 100 million US dollars; OKEx Blockdream Ventures is a fund dedicated to supporting high-quality projects with great potential.

The founder and chief scientist of the DFINITY Foundation, Dominic Williams Say:
“The Internet computer represents the third major innovation in the blockchain field after Bitcoin and Ethereum. It supports smart contract software that can run at network speeds and provide users with network services for the first time, and can expand its computing according to user needs. The network of capabilities has greatly increased the potential applications of public blockchains; and improved the influence of today’s blockchain ecosystem.”

ICP on OKEx: Thursday, May 13, 2021, 3 AM (UTC)

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