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‘S team P2P Bitcoin Exchange Hodl Hodl announced today that it has established a strategic partnership with its existing shareholder Bitfinex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. First, users of the Hodl Hodl Lend service will soon see an influx of new users and more liquidity.

Expand partnership

When establishing a partnership for the first time, Bitfinex Hodl Hodl’s API, Check out various solutions that can be built on top of Hodl Hodl’s existing services. Now, in addition to providing liquidity improvements, the team is also exploring building a non-custodial bitcoin lending solution on top of the Lightning Network.

Regarding Lightning, Hodl Hodl and Pandora Core have recently collaborated to explore the development opportunities of Lightning-based DEX. Pandora Core is currently under development RGB concept, A smart contract system that can run on the Lightning Network, and its design takes privacy and scalability into consideration.

Bitfinex is one of the first companies to support RGB, together with Hodl Hodl and Pandora; plans to help further develop the system and increase its adoption rate. For Hodl Hodl, RGB provides an opportunity to develop unmanaged solutions based on the Lightning Network.

“We are very happy to be working with such an experienced and influential industry participant. The knowledge and expertise we can learn from the Bitfinex team is invaluable. We believe that working with Bitfinex will help our company Success; mainly because the resources were opened to us, but there is more to be excited about. It is important to confirm that the Hodl Hodl team will remain independent and, as always, insist on the basic value of creating non-custodial, anonymous and exclusive products for Bitcoin . We are very proud of our entire shareholder group and the unique value they bring to the development of our company and the entire industry. Together we are creating better products!”
-Max Kei, CEO of Hodl Hodl

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