P2P Bitcoin platform Paxful will serve as the entrance of the social trading application Bingbon’s legal currency to encryption »CryptoNinjas

Paxful, a peer-to-peer bitcoin and cryptocurrency market platform, today announced its cooperation with Bingbon, a social trading platform that provides cryptocurrency spot and derivatives trading.

This integrated partnership allows Bingbon users to leverage Paxful’s fiat-to-cryptocurrency network directly on Bingbon’s trading application.Specifically, Bingbon users will be able to directly fund their accounts using local fiat currency Paxful nearly 400 payment methods.

“Encryption accessibility is the key to promoting adoption and highlighting its use cases as a means of exchange. This is why we are happy to partner with Bingbon to allow millions of users to trade cryptocurrencies more seamlessly.”
– Ray Youssef, CEO and Co-founder of Paxful

In addition to Bitcoin, traders can also obtain other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Tether through the new Paxful integration. Paxful’s market allows users to immediately find sellers who meet their transaction requirements and standards, creating opportunities for fast and easy transactions.

“We are very happy to integrate with Paxful. For Bingbon, this means introducing and demonstrating new trading experiences to our users. Bingbon users can find nearly 400 different ways to buy digital assets through Paxful. In addition, we will be able to Enter the Latin American market more aggressively than before.”
– Elvisco Carrington, Bingbon Communications and Partnership Manager

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