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Hacken, a cyber security consulting company, focuses on blockchain Safety, Announced today that it recently implemented a Smart contract audit For MoonLift, this is a community-driven passive income generator running on Binance Smart Chain. The security engineer found no problems in the final review.

At the same time, MoonLift’s core team will be launched in the next few hours, and an enthusiastic community has been created and is waiting for the first listing of the ecosystem’s native MLTP token.

MoonLift’s goal is one-stop shop destination For those who want passive income.

This Tokens The MoonLift agreement aims to reward long-term stakeholders. For each purchase transaction, the platform will charge a 5% fee. Similarly, the platform will charge a 10% fee for each sale transaction. All fees paid will be refunded to MLTP token holders.

“The MoonLift team recognizes the level of digital threats in the industry because hackers actively attack new projects by exploiting smart contract vulnerabilities to steal investors’ funds. Through smart contract audits conducted by our engineers; MoonLift will enhance investors’ Confidence and trust will become a more attractive investment destination for potential community members. Cooperating with new projects is a fascinating challenge for Hacken, and a great responsibility. We realize that every mistake around us is possible Lead to project collapse or serious financial loss. This is why our security experts attach great importance to all details. And try to consider various situations to tie the hands of hackers.”
–Haken Team

MoonLift route map

Moon report review report

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