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Paxful, a peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin and crypto exchange service platform, Today announced that it has partnered with Lunu to promote the purchase of goods and services in cryptocurrency. Lunu is a payment solution provider based in Berlin that allows users to use their cryptocurrency as legal tender.

“By creating an ecosystem that integrates the use of digital currencies into the real economy, Lunu has become part of the crypto world. By joining forces with Paxful, we will be able to increase the meaningful adoption of crypto payments anywhere in our daily lives,” Founder and CEO Artem Shaginyan said. Lunu.

Through this alliance, Paxful users in the European Union and the United Kingdom can use their Paxful wallets to shop at Lunu’s partner merchants. In addition, users can use their Paxful wallet to make cashless payments in stores or from retailers almost immediately.

“This partnership enables Paxful users to conduct simple, secure and fast encrypted transactions in the ever-increasing number of retail stores. We are very happy to deal with Paxful and believe that the partnership will produce synergies,” Artem Shaginyan added .

Encrypted payments can be made through Paxful at Lunu partner stores, including TBA21-Academy, Maison Courbet, Maison Tamboite, Vin-Malin, La Maison Texier, Enaza, ARCHOS, HUYGENS, L’Exception, Laval Virtual, MB&F, Ocabas, Prestige Cellar , And capture.

Lunu’s products include-offline processing of merchant payments for enterprises through Lunu terminals, online processing of enterprise payments through Lunu Widget, and Lunu wallets for users to exchange, store, use encrypted payments and withdraw legal currency.

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