Perpetual Protocol, a cryptocurrency perps platform, launches an ecosystem fund

Perpetual Protocol, a leading trading platform for decentralized perpetual (perps) trading, today announced the launch of a perpetual ecosystem fund.

The Perpetual Ecosystem Fund is supported by 3M PERP (valued at US$30 million at the time of launch) allocated by partners from Perpetual DAO. The Perpetual Protocol team seeks to exchange tokens with projects with a good track record; plus a business model developed on top of the protocol.

So far, the following three (3) transactions have been concluded…

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Charm Finance is the automatic liquidity manager of Uniswap v3. Although every liquid vault (called “Alpha Vault”) has an upper limit, almost all liquid vaults have reached the upper limit.

Currently, the TVL of the agreement is US$5 million. Before launching the liquidity vault, Charm Finance released several experimental (and later discontinued) products, such as options and leveraged tokens.

The cooperation with Charm will make the supply of leveraged liquidity of Perpetual Protocol easier. Manufacturers only need to deposit their USDC into one of Charm’s liquidity vaults to earn transaction fees.


dHEDGE is a decentralized asset management agreement that allows fund managers to trade on Synthetix on behalf of investors. dHEDGE now supports more than 400 fund managers; since its release, the total transaction volume is US$690 million. dHEDGE v2 will support multiple chains and protocols, including Perpetual Agreement v2.

The cooperation with dHEDGE will help Perpetual Protocol reach new traders-professional fund managers. Perpetual Protocol believes that as more and more CEXs tighten their derivatives trading rules; a large number of traders will flood into DEXs and choose platforms like dHEDGE to earn additional fund management fees.


Lemma Finance is the first and only basic trading agreement that uses the price difference between the spot market and the perpetual market to automatically obtain profits.

Already on the Rinkeby testnet, when it is released on Arbitrum, users will be able to deposit USDC into the agreement and share the arbitrage profit proportionally. With Lemma Finance, Perpetual Protocol can narrow the gap between its agreed price and Uniswap price.

“We believe that by holding each other’s tokens, we can speed up the integration process and build closer relationships with our partners. Although it was announced today, the Permanent Ecosystem Fund has been operating in invisible mode for some time. Except for these three In addition to this, we are still discussing with other potential partners. In the next few weeks… we will launch more initiatives designed to support new early and emerging DeFi projects; such as grants, bounties, and batches plan.”
– Permanent agreement team

A permanent agreement is a Decentralized Perpetual Contract Agreement Virtual Automated Market Maker (vAMM) makes every asset possible.

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