Protocol Labs launches new user interface for Filecoin development

Protocol Labs, an open source R&D laboratory for building protocols, Tools and services Including Filecoin and IPFS, today announced the launch of Web3.Storage.

The data saved through Web3.Storage can be accessed through the IPFS network; anyone is allowed to use the open and public infrastructure to access these data.

Because all content in the IPFS network is referenced through immutable links by default; developers can build highly resilient applications to prevent any malicious data manipulation issues.


  • Web3.Storage enables developers to store content freely on the Filecoin network for a long time.
  • Use a simple library to interact with Web3.Storage and get all the benefits of Filecoin storage services.
  • Developers can build applications that are resilient to any single service provider offline.

“A new field has been established for the Web3 movement, and Filecoin storage providers have recently surpassed 8 billion gigabytes Network capacity. Keep up with the astronomical growth in the data field and promote decentralized network innovation; enhancing the user experience of developers is essential. Web3.Storage is the easiest way to store data on a decentralized network using style APIs, even new developers in the Web3 field can use these APIs. There is such a vibrant and growing community of developers who are interested in building their projects on Web3 technology. And Web3.Storage aims to make these powerful protocols accessible to all developers, regardless of previous experience. The introduction of the intuitive interface of Web3.Storage means that more developers than ever will be empowered to build Web3 solutions; and take advantage of the full potential of IPFS and Filecoin. “
– Jonathan Victor, Product Manager and Business Development at Protocol Labs

Become one of the early builders of the new interface access of the Protocol Lab

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