QuickSwap DEX users can now execute local limit orders through Gelato

Starting today, users of Polygon’s original AMM and QuickSwap, the most popular decentralized exchange, can now execute limit orders locally.

Thanks to Quickswap’s native front-end integration Ice Cream Automation Network – All Quickswap users can conduct automatic transactions at specified price points in the market; no need to be online, just click the button at the appropriate time to seize the opportunity.

Limit order

Local limit orders are quickly becoming one of the most popular features in DeFi. However, so far, even AMMs like Uniswap still have not provided purely native limit order functions on their native UI. Many users on AMM can only choose to buy at the current market price.

Gelato set out to eliminate this barrier for decentralized exchange developers through two npm libraries: Limit order library and Limit order response.

“Using Gelato’s limit order response library allows us to immediately add limit order functionality to our AMM and front-end; and including batteries.”
– Sameep Singhania, founding member of QuickSwap

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