Raul Oliveira, head of Fmr at Kraken Europe, joins cryptocurrency exchange Bit2Me

Bit2Me, a Spanish bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform, announced that it recently signed a contract with former Kraken Europe director Raul Oliveira to join the company’s strategic advisory team.

Oliveira has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry and previously worked as an account manager in Kraken, a popular cryptocurrency exchange established in San Francisco and operating in more than 140 markets.

In Kraken, Oliveira has been responsible for the European, Middle East and African markets for more than two years; and is a key figure in the company’s growth in these businesses. Olivera hopes to replicate his experience, because Bit2Me aims to expand in Europe and internationally.

Raul joined the Spanish exchange at a critical moment…Bit2Me just announced the launch of its public offering B2M token; It intends to accelerate its global expansion.

Before the public token issuance, Bit2Me completed a private sale; it raised 2.5 million euros, which is the initial step for the public sale to begin on September 6.

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