Solana stablecoin platform Mercurial will gain momentum from DeFi Alliance

Mercurial Finance, a Projects to build stablecoin infrastructure Regarding the Solana blockchain, it is announced that it has established a new strategic partnership with the DeFi Alliance. The purpose is to improve the Mercurial platform to increase the liquidity of stable assets in the United States. Solana’s ecosystem.

In this partnership, the DeFi Alliance will:

  • Strategic investment in Mercurial Finance.
  • Help provide and guide Mercurial’s liquidity.
  • Cooperation to increase the availability and liquidity of stable assets on Solana.
Imran Khan

“Mercurial is one of the core protocols required to bring sufficient liquidity and usage to Solana’s DeFi ecosystem. The Mercurial team is also one of the most enthusiastic teams in the field of encryption technology, and we have a reliable track record. We are very happy to support Ming and the team.”
– Imran Khan, mentor of DeFi Alliance

The DeFi Alliance has always been one of the most outstanding initiatives in the crypto community; helping to connect the best DeFi projects with top market manufacturers in the field.

“The Mercurial team has worked with DeFi Alliance on a number of projects before, and we found that they provide great value in the form of contacts, feedback and strategic suggestions. We are very happy to work with them again. The core goal of Mercurial is to become a stable currency on Solana. We are very pleased to receive assistance from the DeFi Alliance to realize our vision.”
–Mercury Team

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