South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Korbit launches NFT market

Corbett South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Has announced the launch of its new NFT market service. First, after creating an Ethereum-based NFT wallet, any Korbit user can join the market and participate in the auction. Secondly, anyone can join as an NFT author and upload their works for auction.

Non-financial institution

NFT or non-fungible token is any other token that is not replaceable. NFT is an encryption technology that uses blockchain to assign a unique mark to each content. NFT is being used most actively in the field of art. Because it can accurately identify the original author of the work, changes in the ownership of the work, and any issues related to the current owner of the work. It is worth noting that the uniqueness of NFT is that as long as the ownership changes, a certain royalty fee can be paid to its original author.

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