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Bit2Me, registered in Spain Crypto exchangeAnnounced the launch of Bit2Me Capital, a new investment fund that aims to support entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop their blockchain projects.

Investment pillar

  • Agreement- First, Bit2Me Capital invests in companies that develop new cryptocurrencies and tokens, algorithms, smart contracts, mining, liquidity pools, DAO, DeFi protocols, NFT protocols, etc.
  • infrastructure – Secondly, Bit2Me Capital also invests in blockchain projects, fintech companies and startups; either because they are closely related to cryptocurrencies or because they provide a technical infrastructure that may be applicable to the blockchain ecosystem.

“Our goal is to support the best teams by providing funding throughout the life cycle of start-ups, connecting them to our network, and using our expertise to help companies grow and expand. Bit2Me Capital is a global investment fund ; Created by enthusiasts and pioneers of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.”
Leif Ferreira, CEO of Bit2Me

Therefore, to learn more, you can check Bit2Me Capital website And application form Here.

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