Super producers Cool and Dre help launch new coins and encrypted record companies

Grammy nominates the super producer team “Cool and Dre”, and developer Peter Parente has launched their latest project GreedSwap ($GREED)-a project with many eyes Get ready and want to know: what is happening and what will happen next? It is only a matter of time before music and the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market come together to change the way music is bought and sold.

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according to Recent press release, GreedSwap, also known as the $GREED project, announced a new contract for Cardano (ADA), one of the fastest-growing and third-largest cryptocurrencies. This new blockchain is expected to add value to more and more powerful projects undertaken by the Cardano team. With 2,300 smart contracts ready for launch, ADA is looking forward to an important year.

For those Having been following this blockchain and the broader market for some time, you may understand the importance of each new partnership and project.

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ADA holding after reaching all time high the past two weeks. | Source: ADA-USD on

What makes GreedSwap a potentially important player in Cardano is its versatility, depth, and broader ceiling as a company. $GREED not only provides a game-changing factor for the music industry, but also provides investors with something to have a deep ecosystem.The ecosystem will include farms, equity pools, multi-chain NFT markets and the main Metaverse construction Decentralized Paradise This will include NFT wearable devices, driveable devices, and NFT keys. These keys will give you VIP access to certain areas in the GreedSwap virtual world, which also includes a Greed music studio, where you can watch music created by your favorite musicians and recording artists, and you can also Watch their live concert.

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Only time will tell: the change we seek, or the doom we encounter…

This news is expected to allow us to re-examine how to share music to the world, allow artists and fans to establish connections on a new level, and attract consumers through cryptocurrency. Artists and musicians have already become fond of the NFT world by collaborating and producing exclusive tracks and albums. Especially the big names in hip-hop, such as Curren$y, have already participated (Curren$y has released an exclusive NFT project called “Financial District”. He will not be the last to do so, because many artists have adopted this This method is quite serious).

Other artists such as DJ Premiere also participated in NFT and encryption.The ability to cross-promote on many different websites Exceeded level Music makes GreedSwap easier to get its name in the cryptocurrency world.

Hope it will stick to it, and we can all see what this company can do to influence the new generation of music.

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