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Tatum Blockchain development platform, Today announced the launch of its new C#-based SDK. Using the latest Tatum C# SDK, users can build mature applications for more than 40 blockchain protocols.

The C# SDK provides more than 300 API endpoints. Developers can perform a wide range of blockchain operations on any supported blockchain, from generating wallets, addresses and private keys, to deploying, minting, transferring and destroying various types Tokens to Utilize Tatum’s virtual account And deploy ready-to-use back-end smart contract functions.


  • Using the C# SDK, developers can generate wallets and sign transactions locally, so the private key never leaves the security boundary. In addition, the API key is stored as an environment variable, so users don’t even have to send the API key over the Internet. In addition, the “client-side” method is used in the SDK to ensure the highest degree of security by storing sensitive data locally.
  • Developers familiar with C# can build everything from multi-chain NFT markets to encrypted exchanges, multi-currency wallet applications, or any imaginable blockchain-based solution without having to learn a new programming language.

“Using Tatum’s infrastructure, you will never need to install or worry about keeping your nodes in sync. Our DevOps team works around the clock to ensure that you can build seamless blockchain applications on more than 40 protocols without Consider the time and cost associated with running the node.”
– Tatum Team

Those who are interested in learning more (including downloading the C# SDK) can view Tatum GitHub.

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