The cryptocurrency betting site Cloudbet can now deposit and withdraw via Dash»CryptoNinjas

Cryptocurrency sports betting, casino and e-sports betting platform Cloudbet announced today that it has added Dash as a deposit and withdrawal option. The integration of Dash enhances the ability of gaming operators to provide near-instantaneous deposits and withdrawals to their users.

The Dash blockchain network is designed to settle transactions immediately; the fee for each transaction is about 1 cent. Therefore, this makes Dash very suitable for use in the fast-paced, high-frequency environment of online gambling.

“We are very happy to cooperate with Cloudbet; one of the most famous names in the iGaming space. With Cloudbet’s many products, whether you want to make a final bet or a quick withdrawal, Dash payment is very meaningful. You will find There is no safer and faster payment method.”
– Omar Hamwi, Head of Business Development, Dash

Now, in addition to Dash, Cloudbet also supports 12 different cryptocurrencies.

“By providing unparalleled security and fast withdrawals, we have established a reputation as one of the world’s leading crypto gaming operators. Dash enables us to enhance our performance in this area.”
– Leandro Rossi, Director of Cloudbet

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