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Today, Cosmos network validator B-Harvest and Cosmos’ blockchain infrastructure provider Tendermint jointly announced that they have successfully launched and deployed the Gravity DEX protocol.

Gravity DEX marks the biggest advancement of Cosmos to date. This also marks a big step in realizing Cosmos’ vision for the future of cryptocurrency: multiple interconnected blockchains.

In addition to its influence as a cross-chain decentralized exchange, Gravity DEX has also released an important utility for the Cosmos Hub; it encourages new chain transactions and creates liquidity, so that more traders can start arbitration, and help developers find no need A new way of listing licensed tokens.

Currently, the Cosmos ecosystem is worth more than $65B.This ecosystem Including Cosmos Hub, Binance Chain, Terra,, THORChain and many other projects. Gravity DEX supports permissionless exchanges and asset pools between any two blockchains in this evolving ecosystem.

“Except for larger and more well-known projects, many tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem have historically been difficult to buy. Many early projects with amazing potential are not available on most centralized exchanges; but Gravity DEX can immediately Access to all these hard-to-buy tokens such as Regen Network, Akash, Sentinel, Persistence and IRISnet.”
– B-Harvest team

Gravity DEX function

In order to expand user accessibility, Gravity DEX improved its price model and reduced transaction fees.

The Gravity DEX agreement will democratize DeFi by reducing transaction fees to an average of $0.08. This ensures that transactions are efficient and accessible to everyone.

Most importantly, Gravity DEX uses an innovation called the Equivalent Swap Price Model (ESPM), which improves price discovery by accurately locking in the latest swap price. This price model is fair to traders, and it also guarantees that the price you see is the price you get.

In addition, based on the Uniswap model, the Gravity DEX protocol uses batch execution to eliminate the possibility of preemptive transactions or price manipulation. Through batch execution, orders in the same block are processed at the same time and treated equally. This eliminates the possibility of preemption.

How to use Gravity DEX: Introduction to Emeris

last week, Tendermint declares victory: A one-stop portal for all encrypted applications, no matter which blockchain the application is running on. Emeris will also become the first platform to support the Gravity DEX protocol.

The beta version of Emeris will be launched in the next few days. In addition, thanks to the support of the Gravity DEX protocol, Emeris will allow users to experience cross-chain DeFi on Cosmos for the first time.

Subsequently, starting with cross-chain token transfer and exchange, Emeris plans to expand to allow access to decentralized applications built on various blockchains, all in one interface.

Gravity Bridge: Connecting Ethereum and Cosmos

Cross-chain transactions beyond Cosmos tokens; the work to connect the main chain to Cosmos is in progress. The most advanced work in progress is on the gravity bridge to Ethereum. The bridge is planned to be proposed as an upgrade of the Cosmos Hub in the third quarter of 2021.

Gravity Bridge is a safe, efficient, and decentralized Ethereum cross-chain bridge. This bridge will allow a large amount of Ethereum’s value and liquidity to flow into the Cosmos Hub, enrich the Gravity DEX market, and enable the Ethereum community to purchase Cosmos tokens on DEX such as Uniswap.

“With the launch of the Gravity DEX protocol and the upcoming launch of the Emeris beta; Cosmos is ready to become the leading ecosystem in the DeFi field. We are very pleased to be able to balance the DeFi competitive environment and enable all users to trade. We are building a block Chain Internet, and Gravity DEX deployment is just the beginning.”
– B-Harvest team

Gravity DEX keynote speech

Today, Tedndermint CEO Zhong Peng gave a keynote speech on the launch of the Gravity DEX protocol on the Cosmos Hub; what this means for the Cosmos community and what users should expect next.

You can watch the following keynote speeches:

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