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It seems that it was not until yesterday that Tezos carried out the fifth upgrade (codenamed Edo), adding some important functions to the evolving platform, such as tickets, adoption period and saplings.

Only three months after this milestone, the Tezos network passed the sixth upgrade, named Florence Following the iconic city of Italy. So, what does this upgrade bring to the fast-developing Tezos blockchain?

Let us delve into it.

Just like Edo Brings some functional upgrades and improvements, Florence Continuing a good record of optimization and improvement, Tezos has become synonymous with rapid development that can absorb the latest and greatest features of space.

Before we dive into Florence, Let’s take a moment to look at the exponential growth of network activity over the past few months.

This exponential growth was indeed catalyzed in the Delphi version, which switched to a rapid release model and included changes to make smart contract activities more feasible. The subsequent activities illustrate the effectiveness of this on the Tezos ecosystem as a whole.

TQ Tezos: The number of contract calls executed on Tezos on a monthly basis

Network activity surpassed 1 million contract calls in a month, which shows that interest is growing rapidly. And participate in Tezos ecosystem tools and projects.

Among them, NFT-focused projects such as Here and now with Karamante As artists of all genres find the need for Tezos to replace NFTs, they are helping to drive this growth.

Tezos provides a high-performance, fast-growing and low-carbon footprint platform that greatly surpasses competitors. Tezos’ current growth or advantages are not accidental-these are by design, and its rapid development and upgrade capabilities have further promoted this growth.


Just like Florence in this city, its architecture, art, literature, mathematics, music, philosophy, politics, religion and science are all integrated into the center of the Renaissance, all of which are integrated into a creative melting pot. Florence, The protocol is upgraded.

We mean in a literal sense-this protocol upgrade is carried out when artists, programmers, scientists, entertainers, architects, brands, etc. are discovering NFT and blockchain through agents. The resulting experience and interaction is similar to a true digital renaissance.

In the sixth protocol upgrade, Florence Brings the following improvements:

  1. Twice the maximum operation size —For this update, the maximum size of operations has doubled, which has caused the maximum size of smart contracts to more than double. This is particularly attractive for developers who are developing complex applications that require the size of such smart contracts.
  2. Gas optimization -At Florence due to Gas optimization That has already happened. Overall, the speed of gas calculations has also been increased tenfold, thereby improving the overall performance of the Michelson interpreter in the typical execution cycle of 2004. Florence A reduction of 35%. This allows smart contracts with more complex functions to run more economically.
  3. More intuitive smart contract development – with FlorenceFor developers, it is easier than ever to write complex smart contract systems without worrying about them behaving in unexpected ways.This is because Florence Change the application order of the inter-contract calls issued by the smart contract to Depth-first execution order For most developers, this is much more intuitive.
  4. More reliable correction procedureFlorence Deactivate the “test chain” function in the “Economic Agreement”, which has never been used in practice, is unnecessarily complicated, and causes reliability issues. With this change, the modification process becomes more simplified and trouble-free.

The rapid development and evolutionary pace of Tezos supports the rapid expansion of network activities, thereby ensuring that the platform is optimized, reliable and fully functional.

Florence It once again demonstrated Tezos’ careful design, combined with its proven on-chain governance model and self-correction mechanism, making Tezos the best blockchain in the world.

Long live Florence!

To learn more about Florence And the various optimizations it brings to Tezos, directly enter Tezos now.

Published by the team TQ papers, It is the builder of Tezos ecosystem products, open source software and other public products.

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