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In order to improve its local liquidity ZIL token, Team Blockchain platform Zilliqa today announced that it has partnered with the Foreign Exchange Clearing House (FXCH), a member-based agency spot foreign exchange clearing utility that uses blockchain technology to provide completely transparent settlement.

FXCH will use the FX SWAP tool to provide ZIL funds with credit lines to various liquidity providers and institutional traders. SWAP is the loan product of choice for treasurers and traders; looking for return on investment from trading assets without taking market risks.

This short-term loan product of FXCH offers three different maturities:

  1. overnight
  2. 1 week
  3. Two weeks

“This is the first time that this SWAP option with leading altcoins has been provided to financial institutions. Working hard to provide our customers with the best liquidity options, we are proud to work with Zilliqa’s experts and support the technical value proposition and An impressive project ecosystem is known for the liquidity of tokens. There is no doubt that the market response of our institutional clients will be very positive.”
– Franck Mikulecz, founder and CEO of FXCH

Investment funds, family offices and institutional traders who are interested in borrowing ZIL to trade on FXCH can use this registration Associate.

“FXCH’s expertise in the foreign exchange market is unparalleled. We are very happy to work with them to develop a product that is at the core of the traditional market but is still emerging in the crypto sector. This new loan product will help institutional investors more easily obtain ZIL and improve our liquidity.”
– Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zilliqa

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