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Tony, a Luxembourg-based tokenization platform, today announced a new partnership with Inveniam, a SaaS company that provides data trust, transparency and integrity for private market assets. In addition, the partnership includes a €5 million investment from Inveniam, Apex and the K20 Fund.

The partnership aims to fully unlock asset liquidity through tokenization, which will be facilitated by providing all the technological solutions required by private asset owners, covering generational assets based on trusted data related to asset valuation and pricing The entire value chain of tokenized assets.

Inveniam works with private market asset owners and managers to provide trusted valuation and pricing data using distributed ledger technology. This data underpins private market digital assets and gives these assets the integrity on which market participants can build price discovery.

While Tokeny’s solution provides the compliance infrastructure that enables asset managers to easily bring nearly any type of real-world asset onto the blockchain, Inveniam allows its investors to access trusted data and asset valuations. Liquidity will be enabled as investors can make peer-to-peer transfers using Tokeny’s compliance framework and the fair and transparent price reference provided by Inveniam.

“We have been following the Tokeny team’s progress and product evolution for over two years and know they are building the next generation of tokenized systems in an efficient and compliant manner. If the experience is seamless, the technology is top-notch, and With the right regulatory structures and business networks in place, global trading that completely transforms private market assets will only work at the institutional level. This partnership meets all of these requirements for success.”
– Patrick O’Meara, Chairman and CEO of Find

Tokeny provides institutional-grade white label solutions for digital assets, enabling asset owners and managers to issue, transfer and manage digital assets efficiently and compliantly. From the customer onboarding process (including KYC/AML checks) to the administration needed to manage investor subscriptions, capital tables, allocations, capital calls, and more, all processes are streamlined on the Tokeny platform.

“Tokeny’s capabilities play right at the end of Inveniam’s end, and vice versa, addressing two of the biggest hurdles in private markets — pricing data and compliance — on ultra-efficient infrastructure. With such a very synergistic partner Together, the investments from Apex, K20 and Inveniam will allow us to further improve our solutions and accelerate the adoption of tokenization through best-in-class technology.”
– Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny Solutions

Additional value to the market will increase as the partnership finally enables Inveniam’s fund management partner, Apex Group, to provide end-to-end services to a broad ecosystem of private asset owners.

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